Learning to Bake for Squares

Today was a crafting and cookies kind of a day…a first for me.

The kids are home AGAIN due to snow ( hail, ice, black ice, rain, freezing rain, flurries)- It’s New England.  Instead of tearing my hair out again I decided that a craft day was in order and so prepared our big wooden table with enough supplies to distract my children for as long as humanly possible.  I also took on a fairly major project myself: I decided that I would bake cookies today – from scratch.

Let me say that again: from scratch.

Apparently I give the appearance that I know how to bake.  I say this because every time I share my “i don’t really bake” information, whomever my audience may be at the time just ends up looking like a guppy out of water. Why is that?  Are all mothers supposed to know how to bake?  I’m sorry, but clearly I was in the wrong line and did not get instruction on how to bake just the same way I did not really get much instruction on how to parent.  To make matters worse I am a Waldorf parent who does not really know how to bake (oh god… cats out of the bag).   I decided to take matters into my own hands when my daughter told me that if I would learn how to bake – it would almost make me the *perfect* mom. Done. It didn’t hurt that my boyfriend got me 2 professional silicone baking mats which if I used he could almost 98% assure me that my cookies would turn out almost perfect in every way (thank god he held back that 2% because cookies don’t shape themselves I’ve learned).

The kids managed to keep themselves fairly busy while I proceeded to labor over the back of the Nestle Toll House Cookie directions on the back of the package.  My kitchen looked like a big giant flour bomb exploded toward the end, and I somehow managed to eat roughly 1/3 of the dough before it even made it into the oven.   Once the aroma hit the next room the kids ran in asking “what smells so good?!”

I proudly led them over to the oven for a peek inside. My daughter was especially pleased, and encouraged:

“That’s good mommy, but next time you need to work on your form.”


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