My love of Photography

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with photographs.  There was a certain amount of mystery in my family, I think I thought I might collect the missing pieces that would add up and explain everything and that the clues were somewhere inside those photographs.  I studied them diligently, but to no avail.  Secrets have a stubborn way of keeping themselves safe over time.

Even though the clues eluded me then, I think all those photographs and their contents etched their images into my mind’s eye, and since that time feel like I view my life through a camera lens.  It’s the way my memory works, and even my present.   I take the important bits in the moment and store them:

-” snap”-  and that moment is as good as captured forever.

Sometimes it can be an issue because if I see something upsetting, it can linger there in my mind forever.  Most of the time though- I find that I can re-visit moments of my life, or people I have known – just by my ability to recall.  I do not by any means have a photographic memory- but instead I think more of a way of constructing the content of the images I want to save or remember.

I have been fortunate over the years to have access to finer and more expensive equipment, and drool respectively over these items hoping to one day own them, but ultimately as long as I have a camera- any camera… I feel like I have access to something amazing and special that gives me that magical ability to “capture” moments and catalog and document my life and the wonder and beauty of the world around me.

I’ve recently started to go on photography expeditions in certain locations, and was able to get my hands on a copy of Lightroom to mess around with.  The most exciting thing to date I’ve explored is the fine art of portraiture and I am really enjoying the results.  I’ll post some of my shots in the near future from a special project called The Revelation Project- and explain how it came to be.  In the meantime I have posted a couple of my favorite shots in the past few weeks.


4 thoughts on “My love of Photography

    • Thank you Francis! I so appreciate your feedback and your follow. I had a blog on typepad so over four years and never got any response and in my first two days I’ve had several. I feel so lucky.

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