My Brother: The Poet


He tells me it just “comes out” and it’s true- I’ve seen it happen.  I wonder though how his mind can work this way.  Five minutes ago I sent him an email letting him know that my house is officially on the market.  Five mintes later he sent me this… a poem- for us, me. him. you. those & they.  It’s a poem for me, yet I think so many can relate.  Can they?

He’s written like this for as long as I’ve been his sister. Forty years. Sometimes I am just in awe because he can capture what I can’t say…no matter how many words I write.

First Seeing
When we first saw the place
We knew
We were so certain
All our dreams would be fulfilled
We would all be there
For generations to come
Especially the new one
We had brought along that was tugging on our sleeves
Wanting to climb up into the branches of our arms.
We knew ahead of time
All the laughter that would float in the air
Like bubbles from those silly toys that every child gets sooner or later
Spinning, spinning as they made them
Their eyes focused on every one
While you and eye failed to see
Eye to eye
As conversations descended into
Eye for an eye.
Soon enough
All we could see was a future
Far away from the big elm tree
In the center of our little circular drive
You drove away first, or I made you
I would follow later
Going the other direction
Leaving only
The dreams and the big elm tree
For the Realtor to show
The next generation of couples.

-Jim Grady


8 thoughts on “My Brother: The Poet

    • It really is. It takes my breath away sometimes. I’ve decide that I am going to publish more of his poetry here and do a whole series on him 🙂 Since I have been asking him for 19 years to publish his stuff… what do you think?

    • Kripa!

      So funny! Do you know that he is a Poet above all else? He could make you WEEP with his poetry! I keep telling him that his spirit and his persona are misaligned 🙂
      He is incredibly special underneath that rough exterior. Do you know I am talking to Stacey about Blogging for Mega? I would so love to work with you! Put in a good word 🙂

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