Invited To Blog On TLC: Help Wanted


A couple of weeks I shared with Y’all on Facebook that I have been invited to blog for the TLC / Discovery Network’s new parenting blog YAY! (name and web address to be announced).

I was of course elated, and spoke with the editor about what topics I should blog about. Then proceeded to OBSESS about what to write about and how and what I should say, not say, and what would be good topics, what would be fun, interesting, compelling, worthy…. ok, so perhaps now you see I am entirely in my head about this and have not yet written one darn thing!  I think I have digital stage fright which is hard to believe based on the fact that I have no problem blogging about the most random embarrassing or most mundane things in my life knowing people who know me best are reading my posts (and I love you for it, and completely appreciate it).

Some people ask me why I do it at all… and I’ve thought about that long and hard.  I think I do it because I love to write, and after a lifetime of journaling and being social, blogging just seemed a natural extension of that.  I used to love blogging when the kids were babies. Brad was always gone at night and I felt isolated.  Then I was trying to build an audience for my company. Mostly I blogged in the beginning thinking no one was reading it (That was BFB = before facebook),  Although I struggle with grammer, and writing style, I am working to get better and I am inspired by several blogs out there that I follow such as:

Her Bad Mother :  I love – funny, entertaining, honest.

Nie Nie : Which is so heartbreakingly honest and inspiring I want to hold this woman close to my heart and never let her go ever.

Post Secret: Which is brilliant- like making a confession for all the world to see except anonymously!

Ohdeedoh: which is just a visual feast on home design and children

Operation Beautiful: Transforming the way you see yourself.

Epic Self: I just like to look and think about maybe looking at myself as Epic one day… you know, treating my body to healthy food, Yoga, and such.

Indexed: I so envy the mind that can think this way.  Every single entry is done on an index card by diagram, and I was turned on to this one by my friend Adam.

anyway, these are just a few of my favorites (If you want more let me know).

I decided maybe I should ask all of you who know me or semi- know me what things you would like to read or hear about from me on topics you think might be relevant.  Because the objective of the blog is as mostly a community for parents, topics can range from marriage, family, modern family, business, cooking, education, organization, home improvement, work, divorce, hobbies, humor, lifestyle, etc.  You know, everything people do anyways + the kids part.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject and I will be sure to post the web address when it goes live.  I also want to say THANKS in advance for reading, and even thinking about topics on my behalf!


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