How Women Become Enablers

1) They are an older sister to a “baby” brother
2) They get punched, kicked, pinched, bit and taunted by said “baby” brother
3) Baby brother gets punished for hurting his sister and gets sent to his room without dinner
4) Baby brother cries and sobs and acts like a Pajama Queen (That’s his version of a Drama Queen) and tells her “I am so so so sorry Manon and I will never do that again.. I am sorry I behaved so badly- and will you sleep with me tonight because I am alone and scared?”
5) Big sister thinks he’s “sooo sweet mommy” because he never acts that way unless he’s in DEEP do do and decides just one little eeeinsie weensie peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into fours with the crusts cut off and snuck upstairs to him in his bed might be just the thing her now compliant sweet brother needs in order to realize what a wonderful, beautiful, lovable big sister she reaaaally is.
6) only to repeat the same cycle again until
1) She’s dating, and he’s soooo cute.
2) He’s a dick.
3) She puts her foot down and a boundary in place.
4) He continues to be an ass (threatening, ignoring, name calling)  till he see’s she is an immovable ROCK and only then does he finally surrender…. tears, “I’m sorry it will never happen again, I was such a jerk i don’t even know why you put up with me” blah blah blah… and “will you sleep with me tonight because I am alone and scared….?”
5) Uh huh.
6) Yep.
7) It’s clear now.

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