The Childerness: a Definition



1. The unsettled, uncultivated region of parenthood left it your arms after delivery. 

a. A large wild tract of carpet covered with a dense array of toys, giblets, stray cheerios, broken crayons, and lego’s.
b. An extensive area, such as a house or apartment, that is barren or empty of any semblance that a grown-up once lived there.
c. A vehicle’s interior growing (ch)ild with sticky icky disgusting repulsive foul, frightful, grody, gross*, horrid, horrific, icky, nasty, yecchy, yuckiness.
2. Something characterized by bewildering vastness, perilousness, or unchecked profusion: the childerness of the house, laundry, handbag; the childerness of anti- terrorism; a childerness of voices.


1. (Family Sciences / Physical Geography) a wild, uninhabited, and uncultivated region of parenthood, the wild untamed landscape of parenthood
2. any desperate tract or area pertaining to an adults very last nerve
3. a confused mass or collection of children accompanied by one or more confused, overwhelmed, or exhausted adult
a voice (crying) in the childerness a person, group, etc., making a suggestion or plea that is ignored
in the childerness no longer having influence, recognition, or dominion. 

[Old English childēornes, from childēor wild beast (from child + dēor beast,) + -ness; related to Middle Dutch childernisse, German childernis]
You getting the picture?

"I say, is there anybody out there?"


4 thoughts on “The Childerness: a Definition

  1. My observation: Not to deny or begrudge our fellow male parents, but because of the tremendous tidal pull of the maternal instinct, I believe the Childerness lay predominantly within Matriarchal domain. IMHO.

    • I think I agree… It’s also a “length of time” that one is submitted to the childerness that one finds themselves lost and alone… which usually is momma’s domain.

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