The Revelation Project is Looking for Sponsors

Do you have a product and want to reach out to an audience of amazing women?  Robyn Ivy and Monica Rodgers invite you to participate in a photographic exploration called The Revelation Project and are looking for design elements, furnishings, jewelry, clothing, make-up, artwork, floral arrangements or anything else that might “accompany” women in their transformative portraiture session.

So far we have used elements from our own home’s including clothing, jewelry, artwork and furnishings, and find that these items really create a unique environment with which to explore the session as it relates to each individual woman.

If you are interested please email us at or for more information on how we can credit your business  on our blog as we  post each session so that our audience can learn more about you,  your product and and your offerings.  Donations of accessories are also welcome!

While we are looking for elements that uniquely compliment the session our goal remains pure in emphasizing the transformative nature of the session with each individual woman.  In other words: the product exposure is a compliment to her session and not the focal point or purpose of the shoot.


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