A Revelation: Make-UP

Poor Jenny Graham, she tried to tell me about a million times how great bareMinerals was but at the time she opened her wildly successful business I was deep into the childerness… a place where she will wander this spring.

Bare Escentuals is my favorite makeup ever since she gave me my sample bag! ( I love you Jenny!) There are  so many reasons to love it, and you can read a few of them here, but I especially love it because it makes my skin look flawless (an illusion) and radient (also an illusion.)

So far the women who have taken part in the Revelation Project (eleven women with four additional bookings!) have enjoyed having their make-up done with it, and have simply loved the results they’ve seen in the photos! PS: I love doing make-up (I think I’m a frustrated make-up artist).

I’ve not taken “before” and after shots of  women mostly because I don’t want the experience to highlight “glamour” and “make-up” but instead allow the posts of photos themselves to speak for themselves to the audience of friends who know that beautiful creature in the picture and what she looks like everyday. Now they get to see an “enhanced” version of her which is natural, soft and lovely.

For anyone who would like to experience a real treat experimenting with makeup and finding some natural shades that enhance your own features you should plan on making an appointment with one of the talented and lovely ladies at the Apothecary on broadway in Newport RI.

Please say the Revelation Project sent you!  xoxoxoxo







2 thoughts on “A Revelation: Make-UP

  1. Where in Boston area? I live outside of Rt 128. Burlington Mall? Still good to mention the revelation project? I was soooo happy with how I looked! I don’t really where too much make-up in my day to day life, but this made me feel so beautiful, and everything felt so light weight and natural! I could see this becoming part of a daily ritual! (easy and fast and natural!)

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