Revelation: Friendship

Soooo,  I was always Farrah Fawcett (Kris Munroe) In Charlie’s Angels when we played as kids. If I could not be her, I just wasn’t gonna play. end.of.story.

I always wanted a gun too, but it’s quite fortunate for my Wasband that I never had one, because he’d be, well, shot (insert happy smiley face).

I envied the friendships that those women had, you know – the three of them; Kelly, Kris, and Sabrina risking their very lives for each other.  Yet somehow in real life three of us never really worked out because someone always got creepy and went home crying. It was usually Sabrina (bet it was the hair cut- just sayin’).

Back then I really did not realize how true it is that a good girlfriend really can save your life for real.  I’ve had a few- and you know who you are.  These are the women in my life I’d honestly take a genuine bullet for… really I would.  There is always the occasional one who gets creepy now and again, but for the most part – i would not trade them in for anything or anyone. else. ever.

I hope every woman reading this ridiculous blog has that special friend in their life who’s taken a hit for you, stood up for you when you can’t find the strength, or just plain been there to laugh hysterically with when there just isn’t much else one can do.


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