Shout Out

I’d love to hear from all of you:

What do you read or listen to or do to help you when times get tough or simply as inspiration or motivation that helps you sort through all the noise?

Please enter in the comment box below so that everyone who want’s to share the info can get it through the blog instead of facebook – and THANK YOU for sharing… I could really use some suggestions and would love to have access to other sources!





18 thoughts on “Shout Out

  1. Yourself. People are always going to offer advice. We are good at that but if you sit with yourself and listen really listen you will find the answer(s) inside.

    Many Lives Many Masters (book)

    A great therapist. If you are really in the thick of things they are wonderful for guidance. He/She will also suggest some good reads…

    Music–Sounds silly but really therapeutic.

  2. I will often push my thoughts to the underwater world. It is there that I find myself in a much more peaceful place. When diving, so much of the external world is temporarily removed. This is especially true when night diving…very calming. You can actually hear your breathing…

    Was this for women only? If so…ooops!

  3. I like to listen to a couple different things. I know you have read and listened to Wayne Dyer and his work on intention and living with a center, meditation, etc. He has such simple, good ways of guiding your thoughts and thinking patterns.

    I also love to listen to three different speeches from the 60’s. Maybe a little nerdy but I am a Social Studies teacher you know. So Martin Luther King made a speech clarifying his position on the war in Vietnam… it is amazing and inspirational to think of what it meant at that time to speak like that.

    I also love Malcom X’s speech called “The Ballot or the Bullet”. Amazing and inspirational but for different reasons.

    But my favorite of all time is the speech Robert Kennedy gave on the night MLK was shot. It is an amazing speech and an amazing story of how it all went down. It is called the “Mindless Menace of Violence” speech. Amazing. Also a documentary on Netflix about that speech called : “A Ripple of Hope”…. worth a watch. Thanks for the question.

  4. I take a multi-teired approach. I reach out to a loving friend, call my brother, connect with my women, hug my children, I invite Tom Waits, The Smiths and HEM to my pitty party, eat chocolate, take a walk, seek out a project of creation, look for the hidden gifts, leave the house, get a chai tea and eventually turn it around.

  5. I tend to go the music route. Hard to be sad, down with reggae on. Bob Marley, “three little birds” , “rastaman vibration”. Jimmy Cliff or Steel Peulse are great as well. Or classic Sam Cooke is always great.

    Watching the “last lecture” can be helpful as well

  6. music and favorite old 80’s movies for one – just to escape. two – acupuncture. having hard times usually affects our bodies, so spending time with my acupuncturist keeps things in order. also, it is your hour to be in a calm environment and be quiet. three – a good counselor. someone that helps you pull the answers from within so you can figure out the direction that you need to be pointed in. not “fix” you, just help you make some decisions.

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