Soul Work: How Quickly Time Flies When You are Doing What You Love

I had a really *full* day today.  Busy from waking at 6:30 ( which is when I always *try* to drag myself from bed) for my 30 minute ME time until tonight as I fall into my own bed with gratitude that I was able to manage the back to back obligations without a whole lot of tension and an aching jaw from clenching my teeth ( which is how I usually manage packed days.)

I try to think about what was different today and all I can point to is that I was not really “in my head” today but instead kind of actively engaging from my heart in everything I was doing….

Perhaps doing the things I really enjoy and that come naturally were at the center of it.   I wish I could get paid for work that feeds my soul.

This morning was spent conducting a social media workshop in my own home for friends that lasted almost three hours- so fun! Then a couple of meetings about The Revelation Project (always inspiring) and finally picking the kids up from school and spending some undivided time just being with them (shutting the phone off and learning about their day- adorable.)  Tonight we wandered over to Robyn’s across the street for dinner and so I could finish up my very first TLC Blog post on the Parentables ( cool!) with her by my side (congrats on a job well done!)  and viola… the day was over in the blink of an eye- and I felt completely in the zone the entire time.

There is something to be said for doing things you love. Why does it seem so hard to fill my day with more of those obligations and less with the ones I complete while kicking and screaming?  I wonder if I will ever make a living ( you know, money) by doing the things I really love and engaging in my day, all day- from my heart? Yeah, I wonder if that’s possible.

I sure do hope so because it was really fun and energizing.


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