Mommy Brain And The Drive Through

As I sat in the convenience of my car placing my regular order into the extended mouth garbage can at Dunkin Donuts for a toasted bagel (with butter) and a medium coffee (regular) I realized I must be something beyond over tired.

Once I realized I had been placing my order with Oscar the Grouch instead of the happy fat man who normally makes my brew I immediately sheepishly looked around to see if anyone had been watching me impersonate a complete and utter jack ass.

So, my kids are almost six and nine.  WHY do I still suffer from this malady we call Mommy Brain?

I’ll have you know that I USED TO BE SOMEBODY! I was goin places sister… places that spit in the face of my deepest fears (racoon. in. Denny’s dumpster).

When will I get my LIFE BAAAAACKKKK?   My BER-AAA-HAAIN?! (inspector gadget? can you hear me?)

Can I really be making these excuses?  Perhaps I need a supplement? ( dang… those things are expensive) I’m thinking I could call someone – a manufacturer of vitamins or something and offer to be their head test case.

Maybe if I told them what i was doing and who I am (who am I?) they could give me some “samples” that might *work* to help me regain some of my mental faculties.  I think it’s worth a shot right? I could  report back to my audience ( I have a total of six subscribers now!) that this supplement was a lifesaver.  It might even give those who suffer some of our dignity back – trash can? are you listening?!




8 thoughts on “Mommy Brain And The Drive Through

  1. You are a riot Monica. Are you telling me your brother hasn’t given you any samples yet? Tsk tsk – that’s shameful! And how often are you going to dunkin donuts? It uses up more energy to eat that stuff than it actually supplies – no wonder you’re feeling tired!

  2. I left my purse on the roof of my car today and promptly drove down the driveway to bring the children to school. WINNING.

  3. Oh you’re not alone – my kids are 6 and 3 yet my brain is still mush. I was recently wondering if mommy-brain is simply melding into dementia for me.

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