Social Media: To Blog or Not to Blog

To Blog or not to blog… that is the current question that’s circulating in my class.

I had a great group yesterday morning who attended the social media workshop I feel honored to “teach”.  I love the enthusiasm, the questions, and the creativity that erupts from individuals who came in looking rather reserved and somewhat uncertain.

I think the most exciting part for me is watching as they start to connect the dots in what I really truly believe is one of the most exciting communication and business mediums of the day- the social web.

A major piece of the discussion focuses on blogging and why it’s a good idea when it comes to marketing your business or just expressing yourself in general.  Business aside, if you love to journal- you will love to blog.  Blogging in essence is like a “live journal” and you can use your “voice” in so many amazing ways if you so choose.

If the social web is about building audience, then the blog is about building credibility and gaining attention and interest in your ideas, the best part is you can get legitimate feedback. Lots of people ask me… why do I want to build an audience at all?  The answer is… once you have an audience you have an amazing feedback loop.  If you have a product to market,  those people who congregate around you are usually invested in your success because they have a relationship to you. They are the best people to help you tweak your products, give you advice, and champion your cause.  Even though you may have never physically met them… they are part of your “social” circle.

Even the word “blog” seems to block people from the very beginning..  I can already see the thought bubbles forming in their heads…

“but I’m not a good writer”

“what would I ever blog about?”

“Sooo where are the emergency exits in this place?”

But why does the idea of blogging have to be such a threat? I mean have you seen some of the nonsense I have posted on this blog?  Some of my favorite blogs are nothing but photos or images with a few words or clever headlines…

Check out: This is indexed created entirely on indexed cards….

or Gaping Void– Mostly Illustrations….

I’m half tempted to just post pictures that speak louder than words as a concept for my new blog…..


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