Normal? That’s never really been my life.

The past almost eight weeks has really been a blur.  I started conducting social media workshops at my house just around the time my neighbor Robyn had a snowboarding accident and sustained a level three concussion which had originally thrown everything into a chaotic scramble.

Come July Robyn will have lived across the street for an entire year so needless to say having had so much in common (single mom’s, 2 small children, photography, our own businesses, and a love for self development) we developed a fairly significant bond. Her concussion strengthened that bond even further as throughout her recovery process myself and several others have been helping her get back to “normal” whatever that is.

Laughingly the other night we wondered if that’s even possible given the turn of events these weeks have provided.  Robyn’s head injury has allowed her to tap into a deeper knowing of herself and those around her that some might even say borders on (you fill in the blank).

Those of us around her who know her best have witnessed the change in her… a calmer more centered demeanor and while at first i wondered if perhaps I should call this “the injury” – it’s also clear that it’s not in any way impaired her work, the project, or her ability to process her thoughts and emotions…  her hectic, spinning, ADD self is gone… and in it’s place there seems to be a quiet, calm, knowing that some might find disconcerting.  Honestly, I’d be worried if I did not know her as well I do- and to my great relief her humor and wit is back in full form, which, if not for that I’d been truly beside myself with concern.  She is officially Robyn… but altered as if to a higher form of herself (maybe I should bump my head?)

So life continues along its semi- hectic pace with a new twist in the agenda, as Robyn taps in to what we can only both think of right now as a gift.  Her clarity and calm and optimism is refreshing and exciting and well, calming.

We resumed work on The Revelation Project last week and the experience seems more inspiring that ever, and I honor in my heart what I believe to finally be a greater part of my calling in the world.  Maybe that sounds hokey but I feel called to it in a way that is different for me.  I have no business to be unconcerned for money or material comforts as my “situation” does not really lend itself to a life of leisure – lol. But I feel like because the money is not the motive and my heart is 100% in it… it creates an ease, and earns “enough” to at least take the edge off.   In the meantime my social media classes and blogging workshops have been filled with amazing people who come to learn something I did not even realize I had to offer… (thanks Jennifer Neuguth) and who help me pay for the weeks groceries (side plug: I’ve got another social media workshop coming up late may on a SATURDAY for those who cant make a week day so let me know if you want to book a seat!)

It’s been a LOOOONG three years but I will officially now say:  I AM HAPPY.

(Deep gratitude to those of you who have been the light while i was the darkness)


8 thoughts on “Normal? That’s never really been my life.

  1. So glad Robyn is doing better (in many ways ;))! Interesting, didn’t you mention on some post that someone said she was recalibrating her brain or something? Hmmm 😉
    You guys are so lucky to have met each other. Maybe it was kismet… so you both could have the support (and laughter) to go on to do great things. There’s also the quote- Do what you love and the money will follow. I know that since The Revelation Project so positively effects and empowers women, the word will continue to grow not only about the project but also about you both. When you both are rich and famous I can say, “Hey, I know them! I was involved in a really wonderful project called The Revelation Project, with them” Heck, I’m proud to say I know you now 😉

    • Maureen,
      You just make me smile my head off ( that’s hard to do) and I really appreciate your comments and you are RIGHT. We say all the time to each other “there are no accidents” and so it is. I can only trust that my new employer ( the universe) will provide 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  2. this is wonderful. thank you for the update on robyn, whom i have never met or spoken to directly but whom i have come to really like.

  3. Monica, that was so well put, thank you. I am SO glad you are happy, you deserve it. I hope to see you soon. Thank you so much for all you do for Robyn and for all of us through your kind and meaningful words and thoughts. Love you-Tami

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