Over the Rainbow Bridge: Summer Vacation

Yesterday I attended my son’s last day of school for summer vacation and I wanted to share these precious photographs.

Both of my kids go to a Waldorf School.  I am a huge advocate- not because I think it’s THE way, but because it totally works for myself and my family.

I wanted the next best thing to homeschooling, and I wanted a kind, nurturing, and conscientious atmosphere that they would spend the next eight-ten years of their life in. I love the philosophy which you can read about here, and I am incredibly moved and inspired by the children who graduate from Waldorf Education.  I’ve decided to try to write a little series about why i love Waldorf so I will try to post those in the coming weeks/months.

Yesterday I got to participate in the “Rainbow Bridge” ceremony for those who will cross over into the first grade so Shaw was saying goodbye to many of his good friends that he spent the year with (Shaw will still be in Kindergarten next year because he is not yet of age to enter the first grade).  If you are interested in the Rhode Island Waldorf School and want to know more you can visit their website and blog  ( where at the top of the page you can read an article I wrote about my own experience in a Waldorf School while growing up in Michigan).


Preparing the rainbow bridge

Shaw "working" through play... his favorite thing to do!

The Boys


5 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow Bridge: Summer Vacation

  1. I loved your piece on the Waldorf School’s blog Monica. We have a Waldorf School here in Lexington and I can’t tell you how many times I wished that I had sent my kids there.

    It seems to me that all schools should be Waldorf Schools.

    The other thing I want to say is that your photos are gorgeous.

    xo as always

  2. Cabbage dishes make my heart skip a beat. The good news is Monica, you have one more Rainbow Bridge ceremony to go! LOVE!

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