Stomp. Slam. Sigh

It’s the end of the school year.


and my almost nine year old daughter is looking for a pair of shorts.




and she’s “pissed” because I have not yet done the laundry this week.


I prefer to remember her this way right now.

Blowing Bubbles.

Willing to wear a floppy “Flap-Happy” Ridiculous rainbow striped hat and foofie bikini uncaring of how she looked and whether or not her momma remembered to wash her “favorite” shorts.

Oh Look – here she is again in braids and a long precious white dress and bare feet that she would not be caught dead in today.

Back then she did not even know how to STOMP.


3 thoughts on “Stomp. Slam. Sigh

  1. She is soooo cute Monica.

    I remember the stomping stage with my girls.

    Hands on the hips.

    Sassier than hell.

    The bad news is that it gets worse.

    The good news is that today, at ages 17 and 20, they are back to being sweet again- give or take a few days each month.

    And I love them more than ever.

    Keep reminding miss sassy pants to talk to you respectfully. And by all means try not to take what comes of out her mouth personally, when she forgets.


  2. I remember her then! …I think she was just a bit older than this (second image) when I first met her at Charlotte and Rory’s first birthday party! In fact, I think she had recently started stomping at that point 🙂 You were saying something about a little temper that had just emerged. See? We forget, and sugarcoat… photos bring back the selective memory. Life is never all roses, though we remember it as such sometimes. Yes, memory can be tricky, deceptive even… causing us to look back and remember only that sweet little belly and floppy hat (not the sleepless nights or cranky afternoons) and the pretty blonde braids in bare feet (not the hitting, biting, whining or other developmental drags 🙂 Anyway, I believe it’s why we love the still images so… for the happy thoughts they bring on 🙂 Keeps us going. So, I say, take one of her today. Five years from now you will ache for her to be… almost 9.xo

  3. Aww… She is smart, self willed and beautiful, a compelling mix. I really want to be sympathetic to the sass factor but I just keep coming up with – this apple didn’t fall far from the tree! Sorry. I love the both of you….

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