Not My Tribe : The Importance of Making the Distinction.

Because I have so much extra time on my hands I thought I’d write about  and illustrate some very disturbing and distressing material that I think should be eradicated from this day forward:

Why do we need to hide the fact or pretty the fact that we need to use TP in the bathroom?  ITS A BATH-ROOM!
Toilet? Chances are you need toilet paper.   Unfortunately what ends up happening is that you have NO IDEA there is TP because it’s so well hidden (WHAT’S WITH THE CREEPY DOLL ON THE BACK OF THE TOILET YOU WONDER AS YOU DESPERATELY LOOK AROUND FOR SOME PAPER TO WIPE YOUR BUM..) so you have to get creative…. that’s what these are for….

Country Kitchen lace window coverings…  wait, am I in a bad dream or the Cracker Barrel Restaurant?
“Mommy why does that man have so many stuffed animals in his car?”  Why indeed?  Why would ANYONE ? EVER? Unfortunately when I see these people in their cars I have to stop the judgement machine in my brain that screams “Child- at -home- in -cage!” “Creepy Pedophile!” “I know you have Knick Knacks ALL. OVER .YOUR. HOME!” and I just have to calmly tell myself instead-

“These people are simply just not part of my tribe.”

Ha, fooled you! Those are not my children quietly reading under the old birch tree! Those are my lawn silhouettes you silly goose!


“not my tribe, not my tribe, not my tribe”


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