oh dark hundred.

Insomnia is SUPER annoying.

I wake up in the middle of the night lately and stare at the ceiling and solve world problems.

Usually by the time I have it all figured out it’s time to wake the kids for school and crawl toward the kitchen for some coffee which has very little impact on my ability to think strait throughout the day but at the very least keeps me in a nice catatonic horizontal position with which to stare from through the small holes in my hazy head I call my eyes.

Throughout the day I feel like a catcher ( think baseball) who has on no equipment – just a mit, and his shoes are tied together and he’s wicked over weight and sluggish ( he’s one of those guys that has to keep hiking up his pants too cuz they keep falling down showing his bum crack but let me stop here lest i get into too much detail- oh, and he’s like a family reunion baseball game kind of catcher not the kind you find like at a stadium) and so I go through the day trying to get him to catch the ball’s that get thrown at him and well…. we lose the game pretty much all day, and sit the bench an awful lot.

This seems to happen to me every season- and I kind of have to wait it out.  Each night I go to bed thinking- this will be the night i get a full nights sleep and a couple hours later, there I am – awake again … staring at the ceiling at

oh. dark.hundred.



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Mim Mom Goddess of Wisdom

This past weekend I took my kids to Maine to visit their Mim (French nickname for Grandmother).

It’s amazing to experience my mother now- through the eyes of my own motherhood experience.  There is simply so much that I understand about her now, that I never would have been able to understand had I not had children of my own.  OMG… so much!

When I think about what she was going through when we were little and all of the trials she faced I am completely in awe.

She is a fountain of wisdom- and offers it freely- if only I ask… (I never asked in the past because I had all the answers- ahem) and that she is on my team, and always was… i was just blind, deaf and dumb for a very long period of time.

Sorry mom.  I think I’m starting to get it now.

Thanks for your endless patience and perseverance-