Mim Mom Goddess of Wisdom

This past weekend I took my kids to Maine to visit their Mim (French nickname for Grandmother).

It’s amazing to experience my mother now- through the eyes of my own motherhood experience.  There is simply so much that I understand about her now, that I never would have been able to understand had I not had children of my own.  OMG… so much!

When I think about what she was going through when we were little and all of the trials she faced I am completely in awe.

She is a fountain of wisdom- and offers it freely- if only I ask… (I never asked in the past because I had all the answers- ahem) and that she is on my team, and always was… i was just blind, deaf and dumb for a very long period of time.

Sorry mom.  I think I’m starting to get it now.

Thanks for your endless patience and perseverance-


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