Moving On

My brood is in Alabama for the Thanksgiving holiday and I already miss them so.

I am “Moving” this week though and so it is such a blessing that I am able to actually get this done without sticky fingers and hyper extended mommy management.  I’m very excited for their arrival back next Sunday because they will arrive to their new abode and I think that they will be incredibly excited.

We’ve been preparing for months.  We’ve had countless conversations, and many goodbye big ol’ home ceremonies and even gotten nostalgic about this big beast even before leaving her~ yes, they will miss this house- she’s been good to us.

Each child processes this big move differently.  Since my son was younger when his Daddy and I separated he’s trying to process it all.
Manon on the other hand is just can’t wait to get this party started- she see’s a new bed and desk in her future… she was born ready.

I on the other hand am some where in between them… still processing all the changes AND ready to GO! This house holds far too many memories and has far too many needs.  In shedding this house I feel like I am shedding my own skin … it just does not serve me any longer… none of it.

It’s time to enjoy life now, and all of the joys that come with a smaller space.  I am feeling a deep gratitude for all of the blessings my life has given me over the past year that made this happening possible in our lives.



She Combed Her Hair With A Wagon Wheel

Singing is big in my house.

My kids seem to find songs for just about everything or make them up depending on what they are doing… brushing teeth, peeing, eating…you name it.

“get my socks, get my socks…. I’d rather just collect some rocks….” (singsong voice)

Sometimes it drives me a little nuts and I just want to yell “ENOUGH with the SINGING!” and sometimes I do which becomes:

“Enough with the singing, enough with the singing… better be quiet cuz yer ears’ll be ringing…”

but then I realize that this is exactly what I should not do… because they are being creative, and playful, and in many cases learning to perform what I call intuitive duets….

Like this morning for instance… what about this little ditty that they go around singing from room to room pretty much over and over and over.  One will sing one verse and then the other will sing the next until it’s at the end and then they both chime in…. they do it unconsciously – one can be playing in one room and the other child kind of just inserts his or her part.  This morning I really listened to the words and thought…. where in THE WORLD did they learn this god awful song? and so I asked my daughter…..

“Mr Edwards” she replied. – So much for the wholesomeness of Little House on the Prairie…

Old Dan Tucker was a mighty man,
And he used to ride a big old ram,
And he pulled by his mane,
And he pulled by his tail,
And he spurred him up with his big toenail.

Get out the way for Old Dan Tucker,
Come too late to get his supper.

Old Miss Tucker was big and fat;
Her face was black as my old hat,
And her eyes stuck out and her nose stuck in,
And her underlip hangs over her chin.
Get out the way for Old Dan Tucker,
Comes too late to get his supper.

Old Dan Tucker was a mighty man,
And he whipped his wife with a frying pan.
He combed his hair with a wagon wheel,
And he died with a toothache in his heel.

Get out the way for Old Dan Tucker,
Come too late to get his supper.

Old Dan Tucker, he got drunk,
And he fell in the fire and he kicked up a chunk,
And a red-hot coal got in his shoe,
And oh, my golly, how his shirttail flew.

Get out the way for Old Dan Tucker,
Come too late to get his supper

Stone Soup and Why You Should Taste it!

Yeah- I know…. it’s a fair and everyone is having one this time of year but everyone is not having a FAIRE.

Did any of you read the recent New York Times article published right after Steve Jobs passed away a few Sundays ago?  It was written about one of our fellow Waldorf schools in Palo Alto California, and if you were at all curious about what all the fuss is about- our Faire would make for a great introduction.

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Our school Holiday Faire is difficult to describe, but I’m gonna give it a shot because I want everyone to come (that way you’ll know that I am not making this stuff up and can vouch for me in other yet unproven circumstances!)

The first time I went to Europe I was taken aback by how magical everything was.   It was like a feast for the senses, and I devoured everything i could see, touch, smell, taste, and have developed a penchant for italian shoes and european goods that borders on an obsession.   Although we won’t be offering the Prada shoe’s for sale at the faire we will be offering the most gorgeous, unique and luxurious products I could find from all over the world.  Yes, that’s right… I was the buyer for the faire and let me tell you- you are in for a TREAT and I AM NOT BIASED I SWEAR!!!

Each year we have a theme to our Faire and this years theme is from the old story of STONE SOUP ~ Remember the children’s book?  Well as the story goes- a hungry beggar goes from home to home with what at first is an empty pot and a single stone asking for a donation from each home’s kitchen so he can make a most delicious stone soup. All the towns people contribute and everyone in the community takes part in it’s wonderful creation and then sits down for a meal together.

Until a few years ago when I started to get involved in the creation of this Faire, I felt kind of jaded about the holidays. It was so commercial, and nothing seemed unique or special. Now I look forward to each year of our Faire where I know I can find unique gifts that you can not find anywhere else, can catch the spirit of the season and spend a day of joy with everyone celebrating together. It’s just so special with the most amazing colors, smalls, sights, dance, music, and food… it’s just magical. The community that makes this “soup” is just amazing and you will experience their hard work, home cooking, handcrafts, and joy so please… come have a taste.

Saturday evening (NOV 19th) is for Adults only from 6-9 pm. If you bring a friend who does not currently go to the school and you are one of the first 50 through the door you and he/she will receive an amazing gift bag with some amazing products and discounts from community contributors (just a lil’ incentive!)

and Sunday all Day 10 am- 4 pm (November 20th) is our FAMILY DAY ( so feel free to bring the kids) where there will be food, festivities, games, a gnome cave, a pocket lady, music, dancing, a puppet show and of course a continuation of some amazing shopping!  Bring your own shopping bag ( just in case) and you’ll enter into a wonderland inside the school where you’ll visit our School Holiday Store where you will find handmade goods, european toys and products from India, Africa, Peru, and around the world. The Bee Room with fresh honey, gifts, luminaries and everything made from Bee’s products.  Then you can visit our “book garden” where you can get some hard to find Childrens books from writers like Elsa Beskow etc. and a gently used book garden for brand new titles for just a few dollars each. There is an amazing Farmers Market so you can stock up on yummy veggies and food items for Thanksgiving, and there is a cafe, a craft room and so much more.  If you click HERE you can see images which are  just some of the things you will find at our school this Holiday Faire.  Please “Like” us on Facebook HERE so that you can get reminders of our other great events and please don’t forget to SHARE this post on your own wall so that friends can join you with their families too!

PS: If there are any brand conscious people out there we have invested in over 70 unique brands including: Nova Natural, Sarahs Silks, Kathe Kruse, Moulin Roty (France), Osthiemer (Germany), Handprint (India) En Gry & Sif (Denmark), Mama K’s Aromatic Clay, Evi Dolls (Germany), Channel Craft Toys ( USA), Grimms (Germany),  Jam Town ( Africa), and much much much more!

Soaps, Fine candles, Felted Bags, Purses, Computer Bags, Slippers, Hats, Food, Wooden Toys, Dolls, Doll House and Accessories, Fairy Homes, Robes, Cutting Boards, Jewelry… it’s endless!

The Meadowbrook Waldorf School 
300 Kingston Road (Route 138)
Richmond RI 02892