Moving On

My brood is in Alabama for the Thanksgiving holiday and I already miss them so.

I am “Moving” this week though and so it is such a blessing that I am able to actually get this done without sticky fingers and hyper extended mommy management.  I’m very excited for their arrival back next Sunday because they will arrive to their new abode and I think that they will be incredibly excited.

We’ve been preparing for months.  We’ve had countless conversations, and many goodbye big ol’ home ceremonies and even gotten nostalgic about this big beast even before leaving her~ yes, they will miss this house- she’s been good to us.

Each child processes this big move differently.  Since my son was younger when his Daddy and I separated he’s trying to process it all.
Manon on the other hand is just can’t wait to get this party started- she see’s a new bed and desk in her future… she was born ready.

I on the other hand am some where in between them… still processing all the changes AND ready to GO! This house holds far too many memories and has far too many needs.  In shedding this house I feel like I am shedding my own skin … it just does not serve me any longer… none of it.

It’s time to enjoy life now, and all of the joys that come with a smaller space.  I am feeling a deep gratitude for all of the blessings my life has given me over the past year that made this happening possible in our lives.



3 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. I am going through the exact same process this week. My kids only recently learned of the news, so the questions have just started for me. I feel the same way about shedding skin.
    Thanks for sharing! Good luck!

    • Thanks so much and best of luck to you too!!! It’s a real process… it’s such an intense experience because of course not only do we go through it but we feel our kids going through it too.. God bless Mothers- everyone of us. xo

  2. I’m glad you were able to sell your home and move on. We will also be moving shortly after Christmas and I feel like you, excited but I don’t think I have come to terms with the packing yet! It will feel good to be able to give away all the things we don’t need or love though. Hope you aren’t moving too far!

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