I Can Relate to Temple Grandon

I’ve moved.

It’s amazing how I can FEEL the shift ( I can see the HEAT!)  & how a location can completely alter your perspective of the world and your well being. I find myself feeling safe and contained now.. less anxious.  Maybe that’s why Temple Grandin felt the way she did when she put herself in the box to be compressed….  when the world gets overwhelming, you just need to start paring down.

I love my new house…and I loved leaving so much behind. Leaving the excess that has no role in my life anymore, and letting go of so many possessions, so many needless possessions.

I really did not think I would love it here the way I do here…. I do though… I do…

A place to make new memories, new connections, new traditions, new experiences.

Thank you God.

Thank you for my children, Mr. Goodbar, my home, my life, and second chances.

Thank you.

Photos to follow ( soon 😉