New New New

Christmas was magical and my favorite quote of the season was by my daughter ( 9 years)  who upon Christmas morning as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes staring at the visual feast before her said:

“Geez, I better go get my glasses on so I can see if this is even real!”

The best part is that we celebrated in our new place- feeling warm, grateful, and home. I feel so very happy to have a sense of “family” again, and it was a totally different experience this year INSIDE myself. Inside- I was at peace and content… I have not felt that in a long long time.

There were some great moments of humor too- I’m already saddened by the day when my kids will no longer look at the world with eyes of wonder and simply “believe” – God know’s I screwed this year up enough to have been caught red handed in a few bold face Elf on the Shelf LIES.  I thought that little bugger was sposed to make my life easier? Instead I’d forget to move him, give the kids treats from him that still had a price tag on them and then the best part was losing him altogether – how could I help it? There were many times one of us would leap out of bed in the wee hours of the morning in a panic.

“Did you remember to move the elf last night?”

“No- did you?”

“ah, no?”



but the season does have so very many tender and beautiful moments…. our creche- watching the kids perform their holiday recital, making handmade gifts for family, reading christmas stories by the fire and our lengthly and profound conversations about Santa and his magic….

“Mom… Is there a Santa for Santa?”


We’ve been blessed to have such an amazing last month here at the new house and to have been able to pull it all off… thank you Santa, Jesus, Elf on the Shelf, Mr. Goodbar, and family.

Happy New Year.


7 thoughts on “New New New

  1. The Mayans had it right. 2012 is the end of…old way of life(vs end of world)..beginning of something new and different. Happy that your transition into the new year was marked by a love fest.

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