The Beauty of a Second

How many of these moments do we have as parents?  So many moments I’ve witnessed a glance, a gesture, a moment of utter perfection that have not lasted any longer than this… too short, fleeting and uncontrived to even reach for a camera – all we have is our memory with which to capture it.  The other night the full moon came up over the field a short distance from my house.  It was the most extraordinary color orange. Big- like the kind of moon you see in a movie and I felt like if i crossed the field i could touch it.  It totally made my heart hurt for all it’s beauty – and in an instant it was gone- up in the sky again, untouchable.  These are the seconds that count.

I love this little project – it really spoke to me.


8 thoughts on “The Beauty of a Second

  1. I know those moments well! Thank god for them too. For those of us who see our surroundings as a string of creative opportunities sometimes need these moments to surrender our process and just experience. What a gift!

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