Why do I blog?

Sometimes people challenge me about why I blog…
i kind of put some distance between this post and the event but today something similar came up so I went back to the draft on this post and I’ve decided to publish it.  I publish it for a number of reasons…

1) It makes me laugh

2) It makes me laugh

3) Some people are ignorant and… that makes me laugh.

Question: “Why do you blog?”

Answer : I don’t know- why does anyone?

Then they asked: “Don’t you feel kind of vulnerable when you expose your personal life?

My response : “yes.”

“Then why do you do it?”

“Because blogging makes me feel alive, and happy, and challenged to get better at expressing myself as a writer, and besides- I love the interaction with my readers”

Them: “I could never do that”

Me: “Why not? ”

Them: “Because I don’t want “them” to know my business…”

Me: “Ok… then don’t do it, and …. who’s “them?”

Them: “Well doesn’t it bother you that other people know your business? (lets blatantly ignore answering the other question)

Me: “no.” and then:

“it does not bother me”-

“what sometimes bothers me is when people read my blog try to use it against me, or twist the words to fit their own needs… that kind of bugs me- but for the most part that’s only ever really happened as it relates to my Divorce…like sometimes my Wasband tells me that people will go out of there way to tell him that they’ve read about him on my blog – I call those people “shit stirrers”… but I don’t really think that’s about me or about him- I think that’s about them”

Them: “oh.”

Then…. “Well… perhaps you should not write about your personal life…”

Me: “Does it bother you?” ( oh, NOW we’re getting to the heart of the matter)

Them… “well- I just get “concerned” for you” (uh huh- )

Me: “Well how bout you don’t read it?  and then you won’t feel the need to be concerned….

Them: “Well… I just feel like someone should warn you….”

Me: “OK- I’ll consider myself “warned…”

So… now I’ll ask you (readers…) what do you think? Why do you read blogs? Why do you like them? What’s important to you about the blogs you read?


14 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. I read your blogs and really not many more cuz I adore the way you write…oh I read one other and it is because, I adore the way she writes..quick, witty, interesting..and I always seem to walk away with a positive niblet to impact my life

  2. I read your blog because it almost always makes me laugh…and it almost always reminds that I’m not alone…and because it gives me hope and reminds me about the light at the end of the tunnel…
    I’m my experience, people who are uncomfortable with others honesty usually have something to hide themselves..

    ..just an observation.

    Please keep blogging!

  3. HAHA! I recently posted about why I read blogs. But why do I blog? I started because I wanted to put my goals out there, to hold myself accountable to someone, anyone. But now I do it because I enjoy writing, it helps me think things out and it’s fun!

    • it IS fun. I enjoy it so much, and I agree with you, it holds me accountable in some way… besides, I am really terrible at keeping a written lock and key journal… I have like 52 and they all have maybe 1/2 a journal and I want to “start over” and pretend the rest never happened and I dont feel that way about blogging… it’s more fluid… like I’m creating something along with the expression of writing. Thank you so much for responding!

  4. So in the last few months I was told by somone that the fact that I blog publicly is a huge stumbling block for the progression of our relationship. This is not the first time I’ve heard this. In fact some subjects of my blog, identities which always remain anonymous, know who they are and feel tweeked by the very act of becoming a character in a post. Writers create stores and characters based on life experience. It’s pretty simple. The why is the business of the writer but those who can’t hang drop like apples and those who appreciate, value or tolerate your creative process, stick around. Living shyly, safely and anonymously is not the job of a blogger…thank god! Keep those stories coming…they are brilliant and screw the onlookers who want to keep you small I say!

    • I’m so glad I chose the SuperBowl to publish this post… i’ve never had so many comments in such a short period of time… who knew? Thanks Juli… you are correct… and it’s good to be responsible for how you write ( it can be used to create good or hurt- like anything else) but it is a “process” and I find that my evolution kind of happens through the writing piece and i can process and recover and assimilate things as I write. Thank you as always for responding! xoxooxxo

  5. I read blogs (and even write one occasionally) because it serves to connect people. Why are actors or writers or musicians adored (or hated)? Because they put their own self OUT THERE, to be judged or related to or whatever. People write tor share what they have learned, to plant ideas or seeds of knowledge, to relate over personal trials or happiness. People who read them can learn more about themselves whether from the blog or, if they are awake enough spiritually, from their internal RESPONSE to what they are reading. Whatever the reader’s response is is their own business. I don’t read blogs that are negative or berate other people because that isn’t the energy I want to invite into my experience. I read YOUR blog because its funny and honest. If people feel something negative in response to your blog, they should make the choice for themselves to just not read it. Good post Monica!

    • Thanks Renee! I learn so much from other blogs that are vulnerable – especially… like those “wow” me and I think… how brave. I’m so glad you read mine, I feel very honored. XO

  6. I really love this one. I used to blog and I loved it. I would very frequently ask myself why I was blogging. I came up with different reasons all the time. The truth is probably that I did not know why I was blogging any more than I know why I am living right now. Spirit moved me and I listened, and now I see how my blog changed and moved my entire life. I don’t have to know why anymore. Perhaps I will be inspired to write again at some point but for now it makes me happy to read what others r writing. It makes me happy to read your blog, Monica, and I am grateful that you are blogging. It’s that simple.

  7. Ask not why he/she writes the blog. Ask, Why do YOU read a blog?
    Also, Ever notice how people who want to “warn” you about taking a risk are less likely to overcome their own fears? It’s like “they” want to put you into the box they are living in so that they can feel more comfortable.

  8. Oh, yes… boy do I, and yet their “warning” i find comes with such a lack of awareness about their own “stuff” that they are projecting… but alas, we’ve all been there no? Like… in that less mindful place about ourselves, our motives, our actions for things…. thank god we evolve “toward” and not backward… I don’t ever want to go back there. THANK YOU…. as always, for reading and responding… means the world to me.

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