This is quickly becoming one of my most favorite blogs. I love Kelly’s courage. Her posts really speak to me.

Be Anything But Quiet!

The last thing I want to do right now is write this blog. It has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, and I just want to curl up under my favorite blanket and disappear. But, WordPress has a feature where you can see the search terms that bring people to your blog. This week, my top search terms included, “quotes on girls r not everything”, “fucked up canadian quotes”, and most alarmingly of all, “thinspo 2012”, and “thinspo of beauty”. If there is a chance that the people searching for these things actually stop to read something I’ve written, and maybe find hope instead of self-destruction, I can’t, in good conscience, retreat when society needs us all to advance.

So here goes. It’s the last day of NEDA Awareness week. For those of you just joining us, this year’s theme is “Everybody Knows Somebody”. And while I…

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