Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck

I was in Providence yesterday at an appointment on Wayland Square so I figured I’d “drop in” at the local Whole Foods.  Fifteen items later I was going through check out when the cashier smiled pleasantly and asked me for my entire weeks earning.  I almost choked on my mango chutney cracker sample.

It was super embarrassing- I mean, there I was… enjoying the fact that I was about to eat a really healthy lunch from the salad bar with a side of sushi and a few other “nibbles” for the week including the cutest little packaged boxes of Easter chocolates for the bunny basket.

“That will be $203.00 please….”

When i was younger  I would have been able to think on my feet more quickly… like- “whoops, can you just hang on a sec?- I seemed to have forgotten my Chia seed’s in aisle three”  and made a beeline for the back door – never to return. Whew… can you imagine almost spending that kind of money for a sack full of groceries?!

Then I realized that she was still standing there, and so was I…


“blink. ”


Ummm… s..ur….e. lemme just get that out of my assssssss…….

Today at Pilates I told my awesome instructor about my experience and when I said “Have you ever been to whole foods?” she said … “you mean – whole paycheck?”


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