Sentiments that Hit Home

My sentiments EXACTLY!

Sometimes as a mother the repetition of my domestic duties drive me to the edge of insanity.   If someone were to record the dialog that I create in my head as I’m doing chores I would probably be absolutely horrified… as would everyone else.

Pinterest was clearly created to give voice to my thoughts, and bring a sense of validation to my life.  A few of my recent favorites:

The other day I told my daughter to get herself her breakfast and she looked at me and said:

“That’s your job.”

“FAMILY MEETING!!!”  I screamed….

Needless to say we are all very clear now on roles and responsibilities.

Now my children can repeat after me:

“My mom’s job  is to stay sane while teaching me to be self sufficient, gracious, well mannered, and trustworthy.

There is something about the old time photo’s paired with my own stream of consciousness that I just find incredibly refreshing….


6 thoughts on “Sentiments that Hit Home

  1. I just want you to know that I am so with you tis morning… If anyone could have been inside my head this morning while I was going off on my 13 yr ole son who loves to throw school forms that need to be signed literally 2 minutes before we all have to be out the dor…i still making luches, feeding the bog, tring to find a fricken pen to writ wth… I no u gt my world!

    Thank you for making me laugh off some not so pretty thoughts this morning.

  2. Love their Mantra… “My mom’s job is to stay sane, My job is to learn from her to be…”
    Love you and LOVE the, dare we call them ‘cartoons’!
    (No, we need a new word for their combo of smirk plus smack… go ahead, Monica, you can do it!)
    xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxooxoxo Big, bad Bro’

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