My name is Monica Rodgers and I am a mother, retired wife, entrepreneur, writer, photographer and blogger for myself and TLC’s Parentables.

Rumi says that the origin of our life’s wounds are the same places that the light enters our being. As the adult child of an alcoholic those wounds  have certainly let in a lot of light over the years, but not before knowing darkness intimately.  With knowledge comes freedom and on the road to recovery I’ve wept tears of joy to discover that there was a name for my experience.  I’d felt a stranger at many many points in this lifetime as I tried to grapple and rectify the fractured pieces of my inner world.  I wear this cloak of my past not as a victim any longer but as an informed and willing adult woman.  I’ve done so much inner work to get here… and still the pieces are coming together and as they do the wisdom I have gained has given me so much… now I want to give back.

I love the woman I am becoming, and I feel completely entitled to every single wrinkle.

I’ll be 42 this coming December and I vaguely remember my mother standing in the bathroom mirror right around this time sighing deeply. I have strange aches and pains and I notice my body shifting in ways that alarm and horrify me.  I cross fit, I Pilates, I eat healthy I pray I meditate I dance and STILL the muffin top stays stubbornly stuck to my middle. My children affectionately poke it and I have to remind myself not to deck them every time.

I’m finally officially divorced.   My wasband and I are amicable – and we work very hard at staying that way.  We spent thirteen (eleven years married) together and made two precious beautiful children that we’ve decided to put first in all of this.

The separation and pending divorce process has brought me to my knees on several occasions, and I have a new respect for what people go through. It’s a painful brutal and looooong process of discernment and at every turn well intended people will whisper you their bad advice.  I’ve learned it’s best to follow your own heart.

I have a boyfriend now (Mr. Goodbar) whom I adore, and he has given me a soft place to fall, and the consistently supportive feedback and communication I think I have craved all my life.  He loves me in a way that kind of terrifies me sometimes, and I think may see me the way I’ve always wanted to see myself.  He’s made me believe in second chances.

I’m a bit of a documentarian at heart.  I think the roots of my childhood pain led me time after time back to the box of photographs my mother would keep under the eves in the basement to look through them for clues that might reveal the secrets that hovered over my family.  I so desperately wanted to crack the case and worked tirelessly till I did.

This may be why I passionate work on a project now called: The Revelation Project which explores in inner world of women’s lives through portraiture, interviews, and other forms of media helping  give voice to their own stories that empower themselves and others in the process.

I’ve got lots of business experience and at one point had a very successful company called Little Bits but had to close up shop when the economy crashed. This disaster was perfectly timed with the crash of my marriage and the crash of my book series which was on the cusp of being funded by angel investors. It was a really bad time in my life year and I spent most of it under the covers.

I’ve got two children ages seven and ten  years and they are such a light in my life. They keep me laughing, moving, and awake.

My professional life has taken a circuitous route and includes but is not limited to: writer, marketing exec, sales exec, CEO, manager, designer, photographer.

Currently I work as a social media consultant and professional blogger.  In my spare time I still sell my product from my former company which continues to thrive despite my negligence.  I love any project where creativity is central and that has to do with branding, positioning and marketing. I also love to mentor women who are interested in business and have had the honor of mentoring a few who have really made something happen in the world ( Go EMMA!).

I am a lover of people. I am a lover of beauty. I am a lover of truth.

I love belly laughing and I’m learning that as I get older and wiser-life becomes less and less serious and more and more joyful.

I hope you enjoy the childerness.  It sure has been fun to write.


9 thoughts on “ME

  1. This is wonderful Monica! It is surely no easy thing to be so candid and write so earnestly about one’s life. You do it well.

    And hey, before we know it, the birds will be home and winter will be but a memory. Thank God!

  2. Thank you Monica for sharing your story, and exposing your self the way you did. It is as if you have given others a platform to be true to themselves, their beliefs, and anything else they have to uncover, beautiful.
    Thank you for your help as well, I am truly enjoying your workshop, are a wealth of knowledge.

  3. What a wonderful blog, and I loooove the idea of The Revelation Project. I will have to go check it out. Also, thank you for stopping by and following chanceofsun. There’s no better compliment!

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