Why do I blog?

Sometimes people challenge me about why I blog…
i kind of put some distance between this post and the event but today something similar came up so I went back to the draft on this post and I’ve decided to publish it.  I publish it for a number of reasons…

1) It makes me laugh

2) It makes me laugh

3) Some people are ignorant and… that makes me laugh.

Question: “Why do you blog?”

Answer : I don’t know- why does anyone?

Then they asked: “Don’t you feel kind of vulnerable when you expose your personal life?

My response : “yes.”

“Then why do you do it?”

“Because blogging makes me feel alive, and happy, and challenged to get better at expressing myself as a writer, and besides- I love the interaction with my readers”

Them: “I could never do that”

Me: “Why not? ”

Them: “Because I don’t want “them” to know my business…”

Me: “Ok… then don’t do it, and …. who’s “them?”

Them: “Well doesn’t it bother you that other people know your business? (lets blatantly ignore answering the other question)

Me: “no.” and then:

“it does not bother me”-

“what sometimes bothers me is when people read my blog try to use it against me, or twist the words to fit their own needs… that kind of bugs me- but for the most part that’s only ever really happened as it relates to my Divorce…like sometimes my Wasband tells me that people will go out of there way to tell him that they’ve read about him on my blog – I call those people “shit stirrers”… but I don’t really think that’s about me or about him- I think that’s about them”

Them: “oh.”

Then…. “Well… perhaps you should not write about your personal life…”

Me: “Does it bother you?” ( oh, NOW we’re getting to the heart of the matter)

Them… “well- I just get “concerned” for you” (uh huh- )

Me: “Well how bout you don’t read it?  and then you won’t feel the need to be concerned….

Them: “Well… I just feel like someone should warn you….”

Me: “OK- I’ll consider myself “warned…”

So… now I’ll ask you (readers…) what do you think? Why do you read blogs? Why do you like them? What’s important to you about the blogs you read?


Invited To Blog On TLC: Help Wanted


A couple of weeks I shared with Y’all on Facebook that I have been invited to blog for the TLC / Discovery Network’s new parenting blog YAY! (name and web address to be announced).

I was of course elated, and spoke with the editor about what topics I should blog about. Then proceeded to OBSESS about what to write about and how and what I should say, not say, and what would be good topics, what would be fun, interesting, compelling, worthy…. ok, so perhaps now you see I am entirely in my head about this and have not yet written one darn thing!  I think I have digital stage fright which is hard to believe based on the fact that I have no problem blogging about the most random embarrassing or most mundane things in my life knowing people who know me best are reading my posts (and I love you for it, and completely appreciate it).

Some people ask me why I do it at all… and I’ve thought about that long and hard.  I think I do it because I love to write, and after a lifetime of journaling and being social, blogging just seemed a natural extension of that.  I used to love blogging when the kids were babies. Brad was always gone at night and I felt isolated.  Then I was trying to build an audience for my company. Mostly I blogged in the beginning thinking no one was reading it (That was BFB = before facebook),  Although I struggle with grammer, and writing style, I am working to get better and I am inspired by several blogs out there that I follow such as:

Her Bad Mother :  I love – funny, entertaining, honest.

Nie Nie : Which is so heartbreakingly honest and inspiring I want to hold this woman close to my heart and never let her go ever.

Post Secret: Which is brilliant- like making a confession for all the world to see except anonymously!

Ohdeedoh: which is just a visual feast on home design and children

Operation Beautiful: Transforming the way you see yourself.

Epic Self: I just like to look and think about maybe looking at myself as Epic one day… you know, treating my body to healthy food, Yoga, and such.

Indexed: I so envy the mind that can think this way.  Every single entry is done on an index card by diagram, and I was turned on to this one by my friend Adam.

anyway, these are just a few of my favorites (If you want more let me know).

I decided maybe I should ask all of you who know me or semi- know me what things you would like to read or hear about from me on topics you think might be relevant.  Because the objective of the blog is as mostly a community for parents, topics can range from marriage, family, modern family, business, cooking, education, organization, home improvement, work, divorce, hobbies, humor, lifestyle, etc.  You know, everything people do anyways + the kids part.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject and I will be sure to post the web address when it goes live.  I also want to say THANKS in advance for reading, and even thinking about topics on my behalf!