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Every parent is alone in the childerness.

The childerness is the unsettled, uncultivated region of parenthood left it your arms after you’ve done everything you were sposed to and she’s (he’s) still crying.  Your tired, wired, and untrained for this type of warfare.  You believe you’ve served your time- but the fact of the matter is you’ve still got at least 18 years to go and that’s regardless of good behavior compadre.  You’ve got a wife or a husband? That does not mean you are a unit.  That means you have the illusion of a nap in your future and should you be out to lunch at the time your child truly needs you to come through for them on that 879th life lesson and you fail to cut mustard? That’s on you pal. YOU and YOU alone.

If you want to get through this thing called parenthood than it’s time you face the facts.  You are truly, utterly alone.

It’s a jungle childerness out there.  Don’t F it up.