House of Revelation For Sale: 107 Highland Avenue




House of Revelation For Sale: 107 Highland Avenue.

Our Rhode Island home is for sale… please help us spread the word.




Selling My Home

“So…. can you sell it?” my eight year old bluntly asked the real estate woman after her tour of the house.

I considered my daughter for a moment – in true form she was taking the bull by the horns. “Are you ready to sell it?” the woman countered in that voice people use with children.  Unimpressed my daughter responded slowly and deliberately so as to make no mistake (with the look of a seasoned business woman, and the nod of a sage I might add)  “I”.  “AM”. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just let her handle everything.

“I’m ready for a new life” my daughter confided in me later. At the ripe old age of eight she was ready to pack all of her potential and set sail for bluer skies and unclaimed  lands. “And I think it will be fun- you know, like an adventure“.  I had a very dim recollection of what that felt like at one time in my life, however I think I was in my late 20’s.

Having overheard this conversation my younger five year old melted into a puddle on the floor crying “I don’t waaaaaan’t to swell our houuuuse!”  Now THIS boy, I can relate to.

I don’t want to sell, but I know I must.  This beautiful home was really for someone who had wanted to perhaps expand her family  (I had in fact considered one more on a few occasions)  and entertained dreams of lush gardens (I’ve maybe picked up a trowel once in my life) and had lots of people in and out visiting often and staying a night or two (happened once or twice). The kids would play endlessly in the yard ( this did happen) and she’d sit out on the porch in a rocking chair ( what are you 90?) enjoying the scenery and sipping on homemade lemon-aid with her friends, and family. She’d had dreams of having everything work out with her husband and that a move to a quieter setting would be just what the doctor ordered (um, yeah). She would go on to expand her business opening a second store and finally make the income and gain the success surely she had worked so hard for and sacrificed so much for…(violins please).

Truth is- I know it’s not in the least bit practical for our current situation, and the house although beautiful needs work and care and upkeep I have neither the energy or the funds to contribute.   My daughter as usual is leading me toward making the most graceful exit-  stiff upper lip,  never let em see you sweat, when you are handed lemons….  an adventure indeed!

If you know anyone interested in a beautiful property in the sweet little town of Wakefield Rhode Island, 20 minutes from Newport who has vision, a love of old homes, and a deep pocket please send them our way. They can make an appointment with my daughter to see the property and get the details.

A few that are worth mention: hardwoods throughout, amazing light, detached barn with loft, historic victorian, massive yard, five working fireplaces, an incoming producing 3rd floor, plenty of space, and plenty of bedrooms. Plenty.

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