Not Playin’ Possum

After ten strait performances of singing covers of Taylor Swift, and flippin her head around to the music Manon Swift felt “dizzy” (um, duh).

I chided myself again for not sending her fake-singing-with-a-wooden-spoon-microphone- dancing-dramatic-performing-for-all-her-invisible-fans-little-conniving-self to school.  UGH.

She spiked high fever shortly thereafter and took to the couch and really has not moved since.  Every time she stands up to go somewhere she veers a little to the left and a little to the right like a little drunk sailor (the dizziness and high fever seems to be a big part of this).

Is it bad that I love when my kids are sick?  Fever’s especially make for some amazing snuggle time.  They just kind of limply lay there being quiet, and let you do the motherly things you imagined before you had them…(insert hazy warm nurturing scene of mother baking cookies and later pan to snuggling on the couch while she reads a book as she care-gives to compliant rosy cheeked and perfectly groomed children who get along and don’t interrupt and scream “STUPID HEAD! at each other and stomp off) – ok whoops, got off track there – sorry.

Wow – I just read the above paragraph and decided  I sound like some Manchausen by Proxy mommy.  Yikes, not what I meant.

Anyways- I wanted to report that my cherubs had not actually hoodwinked me, but actually are sick- and not just playin’ possum as Brad Rodgers would say.  I have enjoyed taking temperatures, fluffing pillows, quietly reading or snuggling and when they fall asleep checking in on them once in a while. I RELISH each moment that has been today in the PEACE AND QUIET of my home.

Sick children are MUCH better behaved than well children…just sayin.


Hoodwinked Again

I was sure I was making the right decision keeping them home this morning. Both had alternating temperatures last night ranging from 101- 102.4

Manon woke in the middle of the night with a bad headache crying, and Shaw continued to hack and cough and whimper in his sleep (which basically means I got none).

It’s only 10:00 am and Manon just finished her sixth performance of Taylor Swift and Shaw has only managed to get two time outs so far.  GOD. HELP. ME.