The Bridges We Burn

One thing I inherited from my father was his sense of humor.  He was very dry, and cynical and sarcastic, and I found it down right hysterical for the most part.  This is not to say that my humor IS this way, (well, at times) but more that I find I have acquired the taste for it.

I personally do not like to burn bridges – but have found through the years especially in business and a few friendships that weather unintentional or required I understand and appreciate the term on another level.  To “bridge” the gap that’s been created would require a level of integrity and conversation that both parties would have to be interested in partaking in.

If that’s not an option – I can only hope that the above holds true.  Sometimes a white surrender flag works too.



Some Species Eat Their Young

Sometimes I like to use different tools on the web to help me stumble upon good content hoping it might inspire another blog post.

Often times I really do find some amazing things.  Today I stumbled upon a hysterical blog written by a father of four called Some Species Eat Their Young.

I know Valentines Day is over but please check out this song he wrote his wife for the occasion.