Clutch Close This Summer Day

Salty kisses

Puppy lick-es

galloping children

Sunset waves.

Watermelon rinds spent

on star spangled porches

Red, white, blue..



green green grass and beach roses


mixed in with kettle corn and carnival



your prize delivered to outstretched fingers

sticky with happiness

clutch close to your chest

this summer day

as you sleep content

on the ride home




Ready to Love You Summa Summa Time

Dear Summer, 

I am ready to love you like never before.  Truly, madly, deeply.  Please ravage my body and inspire my soul…. it’s been a while since you and I had a real love affair. I was super busy being super busy in the past, and I promise not to take you for granted this year.  Things I am already loving about you: 

1) Driving with my windows down and the wind in my hair

2) Sunglasses on top of my head keeping my messy hair in place

3) Watermelon with Lime drizzled on top- ever try this? omg… amazing! 

4) Sun kissed faces

5) Salty Air and hair 

6) Outdoor music and sand in my toes

7) Steamers, and Margaritas 

8) Hearing my children laugh through open windows

9) Fresh cut flowers sitting on my dining room table

10) Car trips to Kennebunk Maine to visit my family