Maine: The Way Life Should Be

It sure was nice to be in Maine with my Mom for a few days but we are heading home a day early because tomorrow we are expected to get another snow storm.

I really wish mother nature was more aligned with my own personal feelings on the matter.  I feel that we here in the east have had our share of snow and that there are some starving people other places in the world who could use some.  Must we always feast upon the abundance of snow without a thought to anyone else?  It’s apparent that even mother nature plays favorites.

Saying goodbye is always bitter sweet.  Part of me can’t wait to get home and reclaim my life and the other part of me thinks what are you stark raving mad???

I’ll miss my niece Muriel

This is Muriel: Aka: The Chopper

Little Joe

Wait rewind…. lets look at the Chopper again…..

And my beautiful Niece PIXIE

I’ll miss my sweet baby nephew Rhys whose image can not be displayed online without a lot of red tape and discussion.

My mom and her crazy outfits and sunglasses: For the record she and I have a very different fashion sense.

I’ll also miss just sitting on my a*s letting my poor mother wait on me hand and foot…. right now she just asked me to pick up my feet so she could vacuum under me… bless her heart.