Clutch Close This Summer Day

Salty kisses

Puppy lick-es

galloping children

Sunset waves.

Watermelon rinds spent

on star spangled porches

Red, white, blue..



green green grass and beach roses


mixed in with kettle corn and carnival



your prize delivered to outstretched fingers

sticky with happiness

clutch close to your chest

this summer day

as you sleep content

on the ride home




The New England Tundra

My children are back at school after two weeks of being home, and I could NOT be happier.

The week they were sick was terrible because they were bored out of their minds and terribly uncomfortable and then this past week was vacation week so we went to Maine and stayed in my mom’s weenie apartment and played cards in leu of the bahama’s trip I had planned (in my mind, packed along side my fit and svelte bikini body with my eight pack, that’s right I said eight because i photographed a woman who had eight yes eight and I have coveted her body every day since and think about it as i shove more comfort food down my throat and FREEZE in the TUNDRA that is New England).

This is the Tundra———->

Since my mothers crowded apartment is not half as fun as the Bahama’s we had to create our own thrills so one day we ended up at Dr. Farrands office (he was my childhood doc) because both of my kids who were were supposed to be on the mend were still feeling yucky and having ear aches (it was day fourteen of feeling lousy).  I too felt pretty lousy but who really cares about me? I’m just the mom who has to do the stuff she never wants to do anyways (like get up) but do it with a sick belly, sore throat, chills, aches, etc because that’s what mom’s do.  PS: before I was flying solo as a parent if my wasband was sick on top of it all? – OH.  OH LORDY…lets just say MAN COLD,  poor little bunny.

The Doc took us without an appointment (because he is awesome and this is why my little sister named her first born after him- not kidding) and so he looked us over and took everyones temp and asked the proper questions. He looked into their ears and declared secondary infection for Shaw with some possible fluid behind the ear.  As i sat there going over the history of the past two weeks I mentioned all of our symptoms including the pimples that had broken out on Manon’s face and next thing i know we were getting strep tests…including me (and yes- we were all positive).

As I said goodbye to the little germ carriers this morning I warned them against the evils of touching anything without using the industrial sized Purrell I had duct taped around their waists.  I am officially OVER winter in New England and need to hear a shout out for all of those who are with me.

This is the time of year when people will say “spring is just around the corner” and I have to stop myself from giving them a NASTY look.  It just can’t come soon enough…

Maine: The Way Life Should Be

It sure was nice to be in Maine with my Mom for a few days but we are heading home a day early because tomorrow we are expected to get another snow storm.

I really wish mother nature was more aligned with my own personal feelings on the matter.  I feel that we here in the east have had our share of snow and that there are some starving people other places in the world who could use some.  Must we always feast upon the abundance of snow without a thought to anyone else?  It’s apparent that even mother nature plays favorites.

Saying goodbye is always bitter sweet.  Part of me can’t wait to get home and reclaim my life and the other part of me thinks what are you stark raving mad???

I’ll miss my niece Muriel

This is Muriel: Aka: The Chopper

Little Joe

Wait rewind…. lets look at the Chopper again…..

And my beautiful Niece PIXIE

I’ll miss my sweet baby nephew Rhys whose image can not be displayed online without a lot of red tape and discussion.

My mom and her crazy outfits and sunglasses: For the record she and I have a very different fashion sense.

I’ll also miss just sitting on my a*s letting my poor mother wait on me hand and foot…. right now she just asked me to pick up my feet so she could vacuum under me… bless her heart.