The Power of Words

Words:  They have the power to heal, and the power to hurt.

My brother came to visit for the last couple of days…. you know- my brother the poet.

He recently graduated from his job as Kick Ass Sales and Personal Awesomeness Development Coach (that’s my own job title for him) of those he trained to do the turn around job with him…. he did  amazing work. He did such a good job in  fact, that after two years of working his tushie off (sleepless nights, anxiety, long hours, travel) with the awesome team he built –  investors magically came to the table to buy the company.

So he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Truly- imagine if we treated people with the




for their contribution to our company, project, or dream that were created during their time with us?

instead of having a quiet little chat just after 5:00 pm placing “the letter” on the desk and offering a cardboard box for the collection of his “things.”


I prefer the word GRADUATION: it has so much more to offer and says something completely different- even allows the recipient to hold their head up high in honor and feel proud of the work they’ve done.

So Lar,

in recognition of your amazing contribution to a company I know desperately needed you at the time you were hired and had the amazing good fortune of working with you and benefiting from your experience, wisdom, and willingness I want to THANK YOU and let you know how AMAZING you truly are and to say EVERYTHING happens for a reason….

Your work was done…and they did not need you anymore and that- is something to be proud of. You helped them become self sufficient and wildly successful.  Time to move on.

Now… get writing- I can’t wait to read more poetry that truly expresses you and will be far more reaching, and a whole lot more satisfying.

I love you.



Mommy Brain And The Drive Through

As I sat in the convenience of my car placing my regular order into the extended mouth garbage can at Dunkin Donuts for a toasted bagel (with butter) and a medium coffee (regular) I realized I must be something beyond over tired.

Once I realized I had been placing my order with Oscar the Grouch instead of the happy fat man who normally makes my brew I immediately sheepishly looked around to see if anyone had been watching me impersonate a complete and utter jack ass.

So, my kids are almost six and nine.  WHY do I still suffer from this malady we call Mommy Brain?

I’ll have you know that I USED TO BE SOMEBODY! I was goin places sister… places that spit in the face of my deepest fears (racoon. in. Denny’s dumpster).

When will I get my LIFE BAAAAACKKKK?   My BER-AAA-HAAIN?! (inspector gadget? can you hear me?)

Can I really be making these excuses?  Perhaps I need a supplement? ( dang… those things are expensive) I’m thinking I could call someone – a manufacturer of vitamins or something and offer to be their head test case.

Maybe if I told them what i was doing and who I am (who am I?) they could give me some “samples” that might *work* to help me regain some of my mental faculties.  I think it’s worth a shot right? I could  report back to my audience ( I have a total of six subscribers now!) that this supplement was a lifesaver.  It might even give those who suffer some of our dignity back – trash can? are you listening?!



My Brother the Poet: Was and Will Be

On one of my earlier posts I shared a poem my brother Jim wrote to me in five minutes flat.

He’s always experiences life most intimately in pictures & images weather internal or external and it’s how he tends to communicate and express those magic moments that lie somewhere in between the senses   You know how sometimes you just can’t FIND a way to express something you’ve seen or felt?  Those “intangible” moments where emotion and serendipity and insight collide?  I grapple with ways to express them, and when I get one of his poems I feel like I am looking inside a window that expresses what i could not find the words to express.  That’s what poetry is to me.: a way to say something that can not be said otherwise.

This one was written for our younger Brother and Sister in Law on the day of their wedding Sept 20th, 1997.  Our father had passed six years previous, and his presence was so very missed there as we stood in the sunlight of the field that grew wild with flowers which had been collected to put under the tent on the tables in ball glass jars.  The perfect day… the perfect poem- to express the hopes and dreams and challenges of a marriage yet to be embarked upon.

Was and Will be

I found you in the springtime
when you were the snowmelt
Packed seasons turned granular, crystal in march sun.
The Sparkle that weeps into opening streams
You stood like a willow with a dandelion crown.

But it will be in winter
I will love you most of all

I followed you in Summer
when you were the river
Broad and flat as my hand
Drifting along bends, conforming to curves,
tumbling toward ocean
where the surf gathers up
with blood surging, heart pounding
I arrived on your shores.

But it will be in winter
I will love you most of all

I married you in the Autumn
when you were the empty field
your sounds the last echo of fleeting jays
your words the incessant call of the crickets
your movements the shimmer and quiver, the dance of the aspen
Your eye and eyelash in each wild aster
I held you like the last fallen maple leaf
my skin hot crimson

But it will be in winter
I will love you most of all

For it will be in Winter
that we will find ourselves
lost in the darkness
of our silence and isolation
mired in the deep snows
of burdens borne alone
sorrows blanketed under
pierced by chilling winds
of uncertainty and doubt
of what we thought we once believed

And it will be in Winter that
I will love you the brightest
I will love you the deepest
I will love you the warmest

It will be in Winter
that i will love you most of all

~ JL Grady Sept 20th 1997
On the wedding of Joe and Laura Grady

Makes you glad it’s almost spring again huh?