Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

So this weeks photo challenge is called “Solitary” I when I saw the challenge I knew exactly what photo I would use.

This one is of one of my very dear friends little girl.  When I took this photo I felt that it so captured a part of her essence.  There is a place in her that is solitary… in a quiet, special, no one can take it from her kind of way.

This one is called “A Moment of Solitude,” and was taken after a long summer day of playing with many children and being amongst many adults at the lake.  This quiet  moment was captured by the stairs of the summer camp – she simply put her head upon her hands as she leaned against the railing.  This peaceful moment seemed so beautiful. So serene. So Solitary.    Please “Like” if you like, and as always… thank you so much for reading. xo