Wanna Migrate?


Loyal followers… I wondered if you’d consider migrating over to my other blog and following me there?

I’ve blended the content so that I can continue to write with both voices, and would sure love to have you follow me here:

The Revelation Project Blog

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Here we are on Pinterest 🙂

My recent diagnosis of ADD comes with some insurance… or is that assurance? Hmmmm… anyways- it means that the treatment has allowed me to focus more and more on my writing, and I’m working to improve . I’d love to invite you along to help me get there.


Un-Pinterested I’m NOT.

What the H E Double hockey sticks- the Pinterest search bar is gone again !

I wonder if I am being punished for over pinning?  I admit- it’s gotten out of control but what is a visual hoarder going blind in the left eye so can’t read till i get glasses due to age gal gonna do?

While anxiously awaiting (ie; wringing my hands by the computer) for my search bar to be returned back to my loving arms I will just take the opportunity to pin a few of my all time faves….