The Revelation Project is Looking for Sponsors

Do you have a product and want to reach out to an audience of amazing women?  Robyn Ivy and Monica Rodgers invite you to participate in a photographic exploration called The Revelation Project and are looking for design elements, furnishings, jewelry, clothing, make-up, artwork, floral arrangements or anything else that might “accompany” women in their transformative portraiture session.

So far we have used elements from our own home’s including clothing, jewelry, artwork and furnishings, and find that these items really create a unique environment with which to explore the session as it relates to each individual woman.

If you are interested please email us at or for more information on how we can credit your business  on our blog as we  post each session so that our audience can learn more about you,  your product and and your offerings.  Donations of accessories are also welcome!

While we are looking for elements that uniquely compliment the session our goal remains pure in emphasizing the transformative nature of the session with each individual woman.  In other words: the product exposure is a compliment to her session and not the focal point or purpose of the shoot.


The Revelation Project: Part I

It’s pretty easy for us women to forget who we are or wanted to be after years of care taking,  raising a family, or just plain years later.

For many of us – it’s not that our husbands or boyfriends don’t make us feel beautiful or worthy of worship but that we don’t quite feel the part ourselves. Then there are those of us who have never really seen the inherent beauty of our selves for who we are and the expressions and attributes that are uniquely ours- making us each individually and uniquely beautiful. We sometimes get lost along the way to the land of low self esteem, resignation, cynicism, and self criticism ( I visit this land way too often).

My neighbor Robyn Ivy is an incredibly accomplished photographer who like many of us on the outside- look like we have it all handled.   Mother of two, recently divorced, smart, talented, lovely, insightful and pee your pants funny had just recently hit that wall we all eventually press our nose against.  The wall of : STUCK, UGLY, UNATTRACTIVE, OVERWHELMED, OUT of SHAPE, and just plain SICK OF ME.  She marched over to my house with an armload of clothing and her camera and said “SHOOT ME”.

Because great minds think alike we embarked on a photo odessy that was aimed directly at getting relief through humor, make- up, and good girlfriend snarkiness and although both of us snickered our way through the various poses and and contrived sprawls-  something entirely different actually ended up happening.

Licking her self inflicted ( aren’t most?) wounds, I documented Robyn as we played with different ideas and looks only to end with astonishing results.

Now- of course we went through the photo’s and edited them and laughed and giggled and snorted, but the process itself was quite remarkable because it provided a catharsis that went far deeper than either of us imagined.   The entire process, as well as the outcome had truly empowered her and gave her back something she felt she had lost somewhere along the way: herself.

In the weeks that followed the results of the shoot had a lasting effect, a kind of “balancing” effect and for some reason gave Robyn permission to hit the “reset” button and take inventory of the things she wanted to accomplish.  Somehow seeing herself in the photos allowed her to step OUT of her head and see herself in a way she desperately did not even know she needed.

Since then, we’ve gone on to get similar if not more powerful results from the subsequent women we have photographed.  I’ll continue to post the results as well as a few interviews over the course of the next few weeks and you can see and hear for yourselves the kind of impact this project has made on each of these women.

After some discussion we decided to call this “process” something that we would continue to develop and we decided on the name The Revelation Project because in the process – something gets found, unveiled, or revealed that was not available BEFORE.  Hard to explain so again…. I’ll let them try to explain through the interviews we’ve collected ( to be posted soon!)

Here are the photos of Robyn taken that day. I’d love to hear your feedback to the project, the photos and the concept.