Eight Types of Intelligence and Why You Wore the DUNCE Cap

I hated school.  I’ve written in the past about how I feel the educational system failed me.

I felt dumb.

My grades did not disprove this theory.

I could not sit still in my desk for long periods and though I could focus on subjects the words spoken at the front of the room held very little meaning to me and abstract concepts went completely over my head.  The logic required for Math and Science seemed completely illogical.  Why was I so different?  What was wrong with me?

Insert Howard Gardner’s Seven Intelligences theory and the answers become immediately available! Whoo hooo!!!

His premise is that there are EIGHT ( count them EIGHT!) learning styles and intelligences and that traditional schooling largely focuses on only two – that’s bad odds  right there ( any idiot can see that!)  ( oh, and they recently added an eighth to the original SEVEN so it’s not that I can’t add.. just sayin)

Gardner pointed out that schools usually focus mainly on verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical skills but that these fall into just two of eight categories of intelligence. Some students who are weak in these traditional areas may actually be highly intelligent in other areas.

I was highly visual-spacial, kinetic, and even interpersonal... all three of which fell outside my intelligence spectrum! I can easily get math and science concepts now- but this is because I’ve learned how to apply concepts like this in ways that make sense to me.

Check it out! 

Tell me about YOU.  What was school like for YOU?  Where were you on this intelligence chart? I’d love to hear.