TRP: A Project I do….

I am the co-founder of a project called The Revelation Project and you can read about it here on my other blog.  I’d love it if you friend us on facebook.  So far we have photographed and interviewed 32 women whose pictures and bio’s will move and inspire you.  Check it out. It’s very worth the view. xo

The Revelation Project FAQ

1) What is the Revelation Project? 

  • A Professional Photo Session: created by two professional photogs who have also been participants in the project
  • A Discovery Process: Intended to give participants a unique vision of themselves
  • A Community: Intended to create a community of women who share an interest in self growth and discovery
  • A Conversation: that explores concepts and constructs self esteem, beauty, self expression, insight, happiness, and  identity that can be explored through interviews, blog posts, and photographs

2) How do I participate?

Just let us know you are interested in being a part of it and that you are open to the process and the discovery.

3) How much does it cost to participate?

Our requested minimum donation is $250.00  (collected at the time of booking) 

We also have “Package” options if you would like to use the shots for publicity or professional purposes so just ask

(PS: This barely covers the costs of the project but please know that we are always open to generous contributions that can also help cover those who can not afford to pay anything at all. We’ll leave your contribution decision up to you entirely with absolutely no judgement. We also find that it’s important that we mention that the project is very different than booking an actual photo session for professional head shots, publicity, or portraits and that a “typical” photo session of this caliber would run from $600- $1200)

4) What can i expect from being a part of the project?

What we are finding is that almost anything can happen.  At the very least, a positive “shift” seems to occur in the lives of those who participate and an “opening” is created that was not available before for women to rediscover or re-claim parts of themselves; their identity, dreams, beauty, confidence & self esteem.

5) How long is the session?

The session ranges from 2-3 hours. We help with wardrobe, make-up and hair and the goal is to capture your unique essence:  in other words it’s not a glamour shoot (but we aim high and you’ll usually look pretty darn amazing).

6) What is expected of me as a participant?

We ask that you be willing to share your photographs with your own social network as well as allow us to publish to our own.  We take this step so that the people in your life can be a part of your process in some small way (we find that it makes a difference). In addition we ask that you be willing to answer our interview questions so that they can be published in our blog posts, and we hold the rights to your photographs for future publicity purposes.

7) What are some of the benefits to doing this project?

  • Great photos of yourself (you will be able to keep your favorites and can order prints if you care to).
  • It’s fun and inspiring!
  • It can be somewhat magical : many things are happening in the lives of women who have participated.

We simply ask that you drop us a line every now and again so that we can understand and document the impact that The Revelation Project brings to your life.

Worth mentioning:

There are no age restrictions – if you are under 18 you should be accompanied by an adult.

We usually shoot on Friday’s during the hours of 9am – 3pm.

We shoot in natural light.

We usually just try to meet your mood and the “tone” of the shoot is light hearted & fun.

We shoot using a variety of artwork and furnishings but don’t make a big deal of the “props” and just try to let the shoot happen organically.

We make every attempt possible to have a child free environment for the duration of the shoot.  This is YOUR time and we try to keep it sacred. With that said- every so often we have a stray who usually ends up being entertained with a movie.

Please email us at:


7 thoughts on “TRP: A Project I do….

  1. A journey collection of emotional, spiritual, and physical; inspiration, in-the-moment self discovery … a heightened ‘awareness’ process. I look forward to participating and booking 🙂

    • H-
      Thank you so much for your comment! I don’t know how i missed it but seeing it now and love. Yes… it’s all aout that self discovery – amazing given how long we live with ones self that it takes so long and is such a process.
      I learn about myself more and more everyday and hope that never ends! I look forward to you booking! XO

  2. the photo shoot that i had this morning was beyond amazing and I wish every girlfriend I know could be a part of this project. thanks Robyn and Monica and in my case Terry Lee as well. I can’t wait to see the photos!

    • Pam-
      Love…! The project is open right now to women in general- from all walks of life, races, creed, and “stages.” Interestingly enough – I think we shoot our first non-mother so far tomorrow!
      Thanks so much for following the project! XO

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